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The media continues to insult black voters with empty questions they ask Kamala Harris, who may soon become the second most powerful person in the United States. Instead of asking her tough questions, like how she intends to improve healthcare for marginalized people or how she plans to help black families encourage their children to follow their dreams, afford to open businesses or reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns they continue to ask superficial questions.

Black voters must take a step back and decide how their lives would be improved if the Biden/Harris ticket wins the election. As Tim Black points out in his video, too many media outlets are tweeting about Harris loving Tupac songs and wearing Timberland boots. Make the madness stop.

What’s on Kamala Harris’s playlist or feet won’t put food on your table.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Kamala Harris Timberland boot adoration or the fact that you will find 2pac songs on her playlist to be amazing, it will not improve the quality of your life. That’s why start-up-news outfits like MSM should not be where you get your news, or you will continue to be forced to eat Ramen Noodles and Mass Incarceration all your life because it is all that you can afford. After all, a dead rap artist will not come back to life and help you create a better way of life for you and your family.

Instead, you must exercise your brain when you get ready to head to the voting booth. Turn away from sensationalized news and start asking hard questions about which candidate has the stamina and determination to create conditions where you and your family can thrive.

I Blame The Media

Make no mistake about it, reporters in 2020 are determined to become celebrities. Therefore, instead of reporting hard-hitting stories designed to help you make an informed decision in the voting booth, they are merely retelling the information that they heard at their latest cocktail party.

Reporters are determined to become household names that have millions of followers in the 24-hour news cycle. Instead of asking tough questions designed to give you the facts and let you make up your mind, they are intellectually lazy.

It is far easier to repeat the stories that you have heard other newscasters report than it is to dig for the facts behind those stories. Soon, many reporters who may not even realize it are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses instead of reporting facts because they want to go hang out with the in-crowd who have time to discuss Kamala Harris Timberlands.

In all fairness to Kamala Harris, she may be a wonderful person, but you cannot be sure if she has the experience to lead the country if something were to happen to Joe Biden. Many fear that if Kamala Harris is elected as vice president, then she may have to assume the most powerful office in the world at some point within the next four years. Do you know what she believes on the issues that are most important to you if you listen to sensationalized news coverage?

The hard-hitting truth is that Kamala Harris 2pac obsession will not put food on your table or a roof over your head, especially if you happen to be black, Latino or Hispanic, so do not fall for the patronization this nomination gave you.

Instead, dig for the truth on your own. The truth is out there, but you must turn away from traditional news sources to find it. Ensure that you have taken the blinders off yourself before you share their posts on your social media accounts because these stories are designed to make the newscaster an even bigger star, and that will not help your family.

The current sensation of making newscasters into celebrities can be stopped, but it will only happen if you do your part. Stop and demand that reporters return to doing their jobs of chasing the hard-to-find facts that will make a difference in your personal life.

Reality Check

There are plenty of beautiful women in the world, so you do not necessarily need one to be your government leader, regardless of how good she looks, how fashionable, eclectic her Tupac music collection, how she looks in a pair of tight-fitting jeans of if her Timberlands or flawless won’t matter if American can rebound from COVID-19, end Police Brutality that’s ripping this country apart, or end the out of control Military Spending and reinvest at home. Make Mike Pence and Kamala Harris prove they have the determination and brains to be great leaders. Your future is depending on it.

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What Daniel Prude’s Death Means

 In yet another tragic story of police brutality, 41-year-old African American Daniel Prude has died. Why is this case so important? Because it needs to be the final wake-up call for American citizens everywhere. A wake-up call to action for change in the police structure and to push for police reform.

 Before analyzing this situation, let me explain how he died and the events leading up to and after his death. At the time of his death in Rochester New York, Daniel Prude was having a mental health episode. Moments earlier his worried brother Joe Prude took him to a facility, as he was having suicidal thoughts. After they were sent back home, Joe found that Daniel was missing. Worried about his brother’s health and safety, he decided to call the police. Upon arriving, the police insisted they would find Daniel. Many times Joe insisted that his brother wasn’t a threat, and was just having a mental health episode. He reiterated this point several times to the police officers.

 The police officers had found Daniel, but instead of trying to de-escalate the situation, they resorted to using brute force. They placed a spit hood on his head and pinned him into the ground, including on top of his neck. Eventually, he stopped breathing. His death was confirmed several days later in the hospital. The cause: asphyxiation.


 So what happened to the police officers? Rochester New York mayor Lovely Warren has dealt them “justice”. Each one of them was suspended with pay. But before talking about the punishment of the police officers, how the case was handled afterwards is just as important.

The police chief reportedly told the mayor that Daniel died of an overdose. This blatant lie brings up another important point. What the public understands from police cases is from police reports. But for their own interests, they wouldn’t say anything that demeans them. So the officers lie or twist the truth to not look like the bad guys. Eventually the truth is unveiled, but only in part to evidence from video footage. The video footage usually contradicts the police report. There have been many instances of this throughout the criminal justice system; one simply needs to type in a google search, and a slew of results will pop-up. This is also very worrying as police officers, the enforcers of justice, are breaking one of the most basic rules of justice that every kid in kindergarten knows. They are lying.

The mayor’s response is also disconcerting. No matter how you view the video evidence or the scientific autopsy, Daniel was murdered. Murder, except in self-defense, which this case is not, is a severe crime. Just because this death was due to police officers responding to a call doesn’t exonerate them. The law must be upheld no matter who it deals with. A suspension isn’t the right response from mayor Lovely Warren, it should be a trial in court; just like for every other murder case.

A Corrupt System

 While this case is a racial issue, it is also, if not more, an exclamation of the corrupt policing system in this country. A study concluded that fatal police violence is the leading cause of death for men ages 25 to 29 in America, across all racial groups. On average, African Americas are at a higher percent of being stopped by police. There is a whole list of how African Americans suffer a higher percentage of inequality in the justice system such as how they account for 5% of illicit drug users but represent 33% of those incarcerated for drug offenses. African Americans represent 32% of the U.S. population, but 56% of those incarcerated. The list goes on.

 Most recently a white mother called the cops to help with her 13-year-old white autistic son. He, like Daniel, was having a mental health episode. When police arrived they assured her that everything would be taken care of. Moments later, he was shot in the back while trying to run away from the police. This is a 13-year-old boy. A variety of other methods could have been used to stop him: stun gun, rubber bullets, using their body mass to hold him, etc… But they immediately resorted to the most lethal solution. Both mother and son were extremely lucky in this situation as the son survived, but imagine if it had gone wrong as it did with Daniel. The story would be different.

 This is a systematic problem with how law enforcement handles problems. A police union head said that the officers in Daniel’s case followed training “step by step”. The training of police officers should be to prevent death, not cause it. These tactics are too harsh, and they can’t be trusted as seen with Daniel and George Floyd. But if the union official was right, then the issue becomes that these tactics aren’t being used properly. The standard police procedure is to subdue not put down.

This also highlights another element of this corrupt system. Police unions. Not only are they overlooked in such incidents, but they also play key roles in exacerbating this type of behavior by making sure the officers don’t suffer punishment and even supporting how the officers approached the issue. The current policing structure needs to be reformed if any progress is to be made. One of the solutions which are growing in support is the movement to defund the police.

Defunding the Police

 Conservatives and right-wing supporters think that the defund the police movement seeks to do literally what the name entails, but because they don’t want to understand the issue from another point of view, they not only falsely interpret the intention but spread they misinterpret ideology amongst supporters. And the supports fervent beliefs in these ideologies lead to unnecessary conflict. So let me clarify what defunding the police means.

 The budgets of the police forces of many major cities are equivalent to the military budgets of entire nations. For example, the six billion dollar NYPD police budget is equivalent to Ukraine’s military budget. Many of this money is being used for unnecessary tasks that the police don’t need to handle, such as homelessness. Homelessness isn’t something for the police to handle, rather humanitarian organizations or shelters. These are people who just need something to eat and someplace to sleep. How could the police help them? And this is the key point. Defunding the police only seeks to redirect the money allocated to police stations for uses they do not need to other government organizations that can provide better help than the police for which the funding was given.

 Now, I’m not saying all police are bad. There a lot of good cops doing their duty who deserve a lot of respect. I’m saying specific sections of the system by which justice is enforced is bad. There will always be a few bad police officers or mishandled cases because humans aren’t perfect. But if it is to the extent to which an entire race feels the oppression. If it makes a lot of cops the criminals. If it makes a group of people fears the police instead of trusting them. If innocents are being hurt, and those hurting them aren’t punished. Then something needs to be done. And something will be done.

Tim Black’s Video

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“Barack Obama Pushed LeBron James Away From Pivotal NBA Strike”

Your worst enemy will always be an enemy that does not appear to be one at all. We see the best examples of these kinds of enemies in our favorite TV shows and movies. It was Scar to Mufasa in the Lion King, Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, Nicki Marron to Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard, and Fredo Corleone to his brothers in Godfather II. These characters did not appear to be enemies, but they were. In many cases, this is my view of Barack Obama to Black America. He does not appear to be an enemy, but he has made moves that make me question whether he is.

As of right now, Black America is so focused on our current president, Donald Trump, they do not see the potential threat right in our backyard, but of course, Donald Trump is a known bigot. He has no filter, and he has said many racist things in the past and in the present whether that be through Twitter or any of his latest press conferences. While we cannot ignore phrases such as “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” from Trump regarding protesters who sought justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, we also cannot ignore the countless moves Obama has made that do the opposite of benefiting Black America.

Barack Obama is the most dangerous man to Black America.

Now before you call me a coon, a sellout, an Uncle Tom, or anything in between, just hear me out. I stand with those who agree we need to get Donald Trump out of the White House. Another four years with Trump will be detrimental and I would never vote for him, but I am also not blind to what is going on with the Democrats. Barack Obama has strategically maneuvered Joe Biden to be the only Democratic candidate we have left. He pulled some strings behind the scenes of the Democratic nominations that pushed Biden to the frontline. This is the same man who, once became president, said he was not the president of Black America but was the president of the United States of America. Now don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic when Obama first ran. I voted for him. I supported him, and I was beyond happy and proud when he won, but we are talking about a man who spent eight years as president and did nothing that directly impacted or benefited Black Americans. We are talking about a man who shut down the Occupy Wall Street Movement while Biden was by his side. If he and Biden did not create a specific policy that would support ending the injustices Blacks face in America then, how can we really count on them to do it now?

Here we are today in 2020 screaming “Black lives matter,” a phrase that should not have a rebuttal, but is faced with the phrase “all lives matters” as if we are not aware, but with the number of countless shootings of unarmed black men and women and injustices during this year alone, us Black Americans feel otherwise. After seeing George Floyd take his last breath on camera, you would think something would be done. There was absolutely no question as to whether his murder was justified or not. This man was killed in cold blood while the world could see, but just shy of three months later we had another police shooting of Jacob Blake caught on camera. Black America is yet again outraged. Among those who were outraged were NBA leaders LeBron James and Chris Paul. They stood up to fight against police brutality, refusing to be silent. They went as far as to say they would have an NBA strike in order to see justice served, but who do you think shut that notion down? It was not Trump, the out-in-the-open bigot. It was Barack Obama, someone Black Americans trust.

Do you know how big of an impact an NBA strike would have made had that notion been fulfilled? Do you know or understand how many pockets would have been hit with a move so radical? Millions of dollars would have been at stake for NBA owners, the league, basketball arenas, advertisers, etc. That would have gotten millions of people’s attention, but the NBA leading justice reform was short-lived because Obama decided turning basketball arenas into voting stations would be of better use, as if voting is something we do not know how to do.

Voting is not the issue. America needs aggressive, radical change. Voting for Biden is not going to change police brutality, which was on the rise when Obama was in office. If you take a look back at history, this country was not set up for Black Americans to thrive. Slavery, the 1944 G.I. Bill, redlining, lynchings, and so many more events have kept Black Americans from reaching their fullest potential. Even the history of starting a police force was a disadvantage to Blacks. Some of the first police forces created were formed in order to keep the slaves in line and to prevent them from running. That is the history of the police department, to keep the Black folk in line, and we still see that today. Change has to take place from the inside, but it is those of us on the outside that must strategically push for change and hitting America in the pockets is a start.

We have been protesting for years. We have been voting for years, and I am not saying we should stop doing those things, but when you still have to listen to Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris dance around questions regarding creating a solid policy that will end qualified immunity and police brutality, it is disheartening and something more radical needs to be done.

I really hope Black America wakes up and sees Barack Obama is doing more harm than good. He had eight years to make a change but instead, he has only shut down Black America’s attempts to rise up and get what we have been fighting for, and that is to only be treated equally. Wake up Black America. We must continue without him.

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New George Floyd Body Cam Footage Further Sinks Officers

On the evening of May 25, 2020, George Floyd purchased a pack of cigarettes at the Cup Market in Minneapolis. A short time later, police responded to the store after reports of a man passing a fake $20 bill. The store owner called the police to report the incident after he says Floyd refused to give back the cigarettes.

Floyd was a regular at the convienece mart. He worked as a bouncer in Minneapolis until the COVID pandemic. Like millions of other Americans, Floyd was out of work and financially struggling. His family says that he’d been dealing with serious mental health issues since his mother passed away in 2018. On this night, the regular store employee, who knew George well, was off work. The new store employee followed protocol from the manager concerning counterfit money when he called the police.

Respond to Reports of a Fake $20 Bill

Minneapolis Police Department officers J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane responded to the call at 20:08. Floyd was sitting in a car with two people around the corner of the store when the officers arrived. Thomas Lane approached the vehicle with his gun drawn. He asked Mr. Floyd to show his hands. It is unapparent why Officer Lane approached the car with his gun drawn. Floyd complied with the officer’s requests at this time.

Lane then pulled Floyd out of the car with physical force. Floyd resisted being handcuffed but was compliant with officers’ demands once they placed the cuffs on him. He continued to ask the officer why he was being arrested. Officer Lane explained to George that he was being detained for passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

When officers tried to put Floyd in the back of the squad car, a struggle began. George can be seen struggling with officers but eventually became compliant. At 20:14, Floyd stiffened his body and fell to the ground. He told officers that he was claustrophobic.

Bystanders gathered and began recording the incident. They described Mr. Floyd as being ‘in distress.’ Officer Derek Chauvin then arrived on the scene. He threw Floyd to the ground where he laid without further incident. The officer then knelt on Floyd’s neck with his knee for seven minutes, 47-seconds. During this time, Floyd pleaded with officers, telling them that he could not breathe more than 20 times. Floyd cried for his mother and told the officer at one point “You’re going to kill me, man.” Officer Chauvin replied “Then stop talking, stop yelling. It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk.”
Mr. Floyd says: “Can’t believe this, man. Mom, love you. Love you. Tell my kids I love them. I’m dead.”

Floyd continued pleading for his life until he passed away at 20:27. An officer checked for a pulse as Floyd lie motionless. There was no pulse. Chauvin then removed his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck. An ambulance arrived and transpired Mr. Floyd to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead one hour later.

The death of George Floyd sparked national outrage and protests across the world from #BlackLivesMatters supporters outraged at the violence from police officers against African Americans. The protests also sparked outrage at the overall racism directed toward African Americans. The footage captured by the bystanders who witnessed the incident was immediately made available. Millions of people across the world watched as a man begged for his left but eventually lost the struggle. George’s cries for help are heartbreaking.

Daily Mail Leaks Bodycam Footage

On August 3, Daily Mail leaked bodycam footage of the incident worn by two of the now-former Minneapolis police officers. The London-based tabloid news outlet did not explain how they obtained the footage. Prosecutors for the case deny leaking the footage to the media outlet.

The New George Floyd Body Cam footage further proves Floyd was not a threat to the officers at the time of his death. Per police regulations, force should not be used during an arrest unless a suspect causes immediate danger to the lives of an officer or to that of another person.

In the video footage, Floyd is seen struggling with the officers in the back of a squad car. He appears panicked and can be heard saying “I can’t breathe.” “Officer, please. I can’t breathe.” Officer Thomas Lane then asks Officer Derek Chauvin if they should roll Floyd onto his side. Chauvin declined this request.

Bodycam Footage Filed With Court in July

Attorney’s for the two other officers charged in Floyd’s death, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, filed body-cam footage as evidence with the court on July 7. The attorney asked for charges against the former officers to be dismissed. The public transcripts were made available at this time, but no video footage.

Judge Peter Cahill is presiding over the cases against the officers. He allowed limited in-person viewing of the footage at the courthouse on July 15. He declined a request to allow news organizations to publish the body-cam footage. In late July, CNN and other media companies filed a motion for the immediate release of the body-cam footage.

Attorney Says Footage Proves Floyd Was Not a Threat to Officers

Ben Crump, attorney for the Floyd family, says this newly released footage further supports the fact that George did not pose a threat to the officers. Crump further went on to state that Floyd was approached by the officers with their guns drawn simply because he is African American. He stated he is happy the video is released so the public knows the truth about Mr. Floyd. On August 7, Judge Cahill ruled the public can view the officer’s bodycam footage.

None of the officers have entered pleas in the cases so far. The Kueng family says that he intends to plead not guilty to the charges. Three of the four officers have posted bond and await their court dates. Chauvin remains behind bars. Will the officers be convicted?

No Justice. No Peace.

Here’s the Tim Black update on the New George Floyd Body Cam Footage

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America is waiting with bated breath for Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate pick. Biden, slated to declare a running mate by the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, has all interested parties on pins and needles. The former Vice-President has made clear on more than several occasions a Biden VP pick needs to be “simpatico” with his policies and priorities for this country. This is all big news because I don’t know if you recall or not, but Biden hinted he’d only serve one term. That’s kind of a big deal, Johnson.

Joe’s Veepstakes Contestants

The roster of VP contenders boasts of such political heavyweights as Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, and Kamela Harris, but one name on the short-list that’s drawn sharp criticism lately is Val Demmings despite having numerous monumental moments in her law-enforcement and political career. The Harley riding, God-fearing U.S. Representative from Florida is currently in the media limelight for her perceived fumblings while serving on the Orlando Police Department. The missteps that are now placing her under a magnifying glass as a VP contender and, if chosen as a Joe Biden running mate pick, could potentially put him at a disadvantage with a large group of American voters.

Who Is Val Demings?

The House Representative owns a residence in the swing state of Florida with her three children and husband Orange County Mayor, Jerry Demings. The native-born Floridian made history as the first black female Chief of Police to the Orlando Police Department. Altogether from 1983, she served for over two decades, steadily climbing up through the ranks from rookie cop to becoming police chief. Demings, a staunch Democrat, is currently serving her second term in the House of Representatives going to bat for her constituents of the 10th Congressional District.

Val Demings: The Early Years

Representative Demings was born Valdez Venita Butler on March 12, 1957. One of seven siblings, daughter to Eloise, a maid, and James, a janitor, Demings grew up below the poverty level in Jacksonville, Florida. Demings called a small section of Jacksonville, known as Mandarin, her home. Attending heavily segregated schools throughout her early childhood, then finally graduating from Wolfson High School. Directly following high school, she attended Florida State University, earning a degree in criminology.

Law Enforcement Wasn’t Deming’s First Career

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology in 1979, she went on to an 18-month position as a social worker in Jacksonville, Florida. Her work was rewarding in the way that she protected the safety of foster children. Deming’s interest in law enforcement didn’t start with her criminology studies at Florida State. The current House member got her first taste of law enforcement when she served school patrol while attending Dupont Junior High.

The Crux Of Deming’s Law Enforcement Stint

Although not in the national spotlight at the time, according to Politico, 84-year-old veteran Daniel Daly, received a hip check from a young Orlando Department police officer, 26-year-old Travis Lamont, resulting in a broken neck. Supposedly, an argument ensued stemming from Daly’s inquiry regarding the towing of his vehicle. During the loud discussion, Daly says he tapped the officer resulting in being slammed to the ground. Even though a jury awarded the veteran a recorded 880,000 dollar settlement, Demings, then a fourth-year police chief, stood with the maneuver of force Officer Lamont decided to use.

The instance should’ve at least led Demings to conduct a widespread department scolding on use-of-force. That didn’t happen, and in fact, another occasion now front and center in the public eye occurred with a young Orlando woman, Jessica Asperilla. Ms. Asperilla got pushed down a flight of stairs after allegedly spitting on the officer. Officer Fernando Trinidad, during an early morning call to a nightclub insisted she tripped, causing her to fall, and Demings stood by him. Later, during a hearing, security cameras would confirm Ms. Aspirilla’s account of the instance. Orlando police gave Trinidad an order to pay Asperill’s medical bills, a 16-hour suspension and loss of two vacation days for his false report of the incident. That’s it.

Again, this wasn’t a learning incident followed by required use-of-force re-instruction for the department by Demings. According to documents secured by Politico for the article, there was contention among the ranks for Demings’ handling of over a thousand uses of force issues during her 2007-2011 tenure as police chief.

Why Representative Demings Is The Wrong Choice

It’s fair to say, if you’re a more milquetoast Democrat or been living under a rock for the last few months you might think having an ex-Police Chief as a Joe Biden VP Pick is a good thing. It’s not. Someone needs to explain to me why three of the possible Joe Biden Running mate must be tied to the criminal justice system. When I say tied to the system I mean in the business of filling prisons? I’m talking about Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and now Val Demings. It’s insanity to me.

Demings, a favorite of Pelosi’s which automatically makes Demings a non-favorite to the progressive voters. Pelosi may enjoy calling herself a Progressive, but Pelosi is not a friend to progressive policies such as “Green New Deal, Legalizing Cannabis, Medicare For All or Defunding the Police. How can Biden win without enthusiastic voters from the true left? The only chance is a push from the never-Trumper movement. Demings may be acceptable to that crop of conservative voters who dislike Trump. Some of those Conservative voters may also prefer Rep. Demings because she sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, House Judiciary Committee, and the House Committee on Homeland Security. Hey, I never said Rep. Demings wasn’t accomplished. I’m saying, Demings like Harris, like Klobuchar, are not acceptable Joe Biden VP Picks for a time of passionate peaceful protests crying out to Defund The Police. Will the Democratic Party finally be a party of police reform or will they continue to send mix-signals, forfeiting the true left to siphon away Republican Lite voters? If Joe Biden selects Harris, Klobuchar, or Demings you’ll know the answer to that question and you won’t need a teleprompter, Johnson.

Here’s my video on Val Demings. Please share it with a few hundred of your closes friends.

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by Tim Black

Disturbing Body Cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest and murder by officer Derek Chauvin has leaked. obtained video from the bodycams of officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, who were part of George Floyd’s fatal arrest on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.

The new bodycam footage does not exonerate Officer Derek Chauvin. The newly obtained George Floyd footage shows an even a more disoriented, non-threatening George Floyd. Floyd appears in an obviously distressed state as he makes repeated pleas for help all of which were ignored by Minneapolis Officers.

Let’s hope Derek Chauvin and the other officers are convicted.

Here’s the extended footage:

The protests ignited by the murder of George Floyd continue. No Justice. No Peace.

Businessman and politician Herman Cain passed away on Thursday at 74 years of age after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. His diagnosis occurred in late June but was not hospitalized until earlier in July after his condition worsened.

The Herman Cain COVID case is the latest in a series of unfortunate deaths. The situation remained hopeful even up to a few days ago when several tweets on Cain’s account offered positive news that he was getting better and on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, the Herman Cain COVID battle did not last long. He will be remembered as both an accomplished businessman that included being the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza as well as his run in 2012 for the Republican presidential nomination.

In his 2012 run, Cain was an unknown but briefly became a frontrunner until he was accused of inappropriate conduct when he was still in the restaurant business. Cain did continue his involvement in politics after 2012 by serving as a surrogate for President Trump and played a role in the Black Voice for Trump organization. In 2019, the President even wrestled with the idea of nominating Cain to a set on the Federal Reserve.

The President did tweet about Cain’s passing (unlike his snub recognizing the passing of Rep. John Lewis), calling him an American Patriot and a great friend, among other things. The last place many might have seen Cain was at the President’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which did come two weeks before the coronavirus diagnosis. He even took a photo with close to a dozen people at the indoor event, and none of them were wearing masks. Whether or not he contracted it at the rally is unknown.

Cain was a critic of the idea of forcing people to wear masks even when he remained in the hospital with the virus. He tweeted, “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!” and praised the President’s policy that a mask was not required during his speech at Mount Rushmore.

Cain’s life was full of significant milestones. He grew up in a poor family in Atlanta and eventually earned a mathematics degree at Morehouse College and then a master’s degree in computer science at Purdue University.

He moved on to the Navy to become a ballistics analyst. From there, he got a job with Coca-Cola and then at Pillsbury. Cain soon became a regional manager in charge of 400 Burger King locations in the Greater Philadelphia area. This business experience culminated in 1986 when Cain became the president of Omaha based Godfather’s Pizza, which at the time was close to bankruptcy. Cain brought simplicity, common sense and passion to the company and helped to turn it around during his period of involvement.

Cain also spent time on a number of influential boards and organizations in both the restaurant business and in financial areas. Cain also overcame stage 4 colon cancer in 2006, perhaps his most difficult achievement to date.

2012 was not the first time Cain thought about a political career, either. He briefly ran as a Republican in the 2000 presidential primary and also for a seat in the Senate that was open in the state of Georgia four years later.

However, the thing that Cain might most be remembered for is his “9-9-9” proposal to deal with taxes. The proposal sought to have three different taxes of 9 percent each, one for income, business, and sales, respectively.

As previously mentioned, though, Cain hit a snag in the 2012 campaign after news leaked that he had been accused of sexual misconduct. There were more than two women who leveled these accusations and eventually signed agreements to basically leave the organization in which the problems originated. A month after this came to light, Cain ended his campaign.

Cain also dabbled in the media over the years. He had his own show, “The Herman Cain Show” from 2008 to 2011 on an Atlanta radio station. He also did commentary on Fox News and had just recently become a contributor to Newsmax TV where he was going to have a weekly show.

Following his death, Cain received numerous tributes from an assortment of media figures, politicians, and businessmen. He was truly a man of many different talents who unfortunately passed on too soon because of a deadly pandemic. Whether Herman Cain contracted the virus before, during, or after the Tulsa Rally isn’t material. The fact is Cain died of complications of COVID-19 and for those who deny this deadly virus exists perhaps this will be their wake up call. For all of our sakes, I hope it is.

For a look back at Herman Cain’s life, check out this retrospective.

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Trump Wants Schools To Re-Open To Help Trump Not Us

Donald Trump says that parents can’t wait to send their kids back to school. He’s wrong. Schools Fall opening is pushed back or virtual in many places. Trump wants schools to re-open for him. He’s trying to say it’s for us, but it’s all for him.

In reality, parents dread this decision. They have to sit their kids in front of a computer for hours trying to learn while many of them work. The other side of the coin is they send their kids to school in fear wondering if the virus is coming home that day. Basically parents actually think their kids are playing Russian Roulette at school.

Oh, I’ve heard liberal elites just want to hurt Trum. They just don’t want Trump schools opening. That’s what people say. This doesn’t have to be political. Parents on both sides are fearful. Teachers are scared to walk back into their classroom. Think about those with compromised immune systems. There’s those that will come into the classroom without realizing they even have the Coronavirus. These kids aren’t going to sit still. You can’t tell a little kid they can’t touch their friend. This is why people are scared. People don’t just have it out for Trump schools. This isn’t about attacking him. This is about the health of each family.

I touched on a poll in my recent show. It was an Axios-Ipsos poll about US parents sending their kids back to school. 82% of Democrats were fearful about sending their kids back to school. Most parents overall thought it was a risky decision. A staggering statitistic of nine in 10 Black Americans were fearful. So, why does this matter? It matters because President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos don’t seem to be on board with this decision for our good. They’ve threatened to withhold federal funding from schools if they don’t open those doors. This pressure campaign should and could backfire with Trump’s followers.

Only one in three Americans actually trusts the government to care about their interests. People aren’t as confident in the federal government. They trust their local and state government more. As long as Trump is leading in the polls, he doesn’t need to have a care about my family getting this virus. He wants to show the economy is on track. He wants to show he’s in control of the world. The world wants to know they’re going to be okay. These interests just don’t come together.

Schools Fall opening is all political if you listen to Fox News. Trump is painted as this poor political animal. He’s the guy that just stumbled into Presidency. This isn’t right. The man is campaigning every minute of his time in office. By threatening to take away funding of schools, he’s basically saying the economy will stay running even if everyone is sick. People will die, but his numbers will show that he got that economy on track. The people I know care more about their family’s health than his numbers. They care more about health than the local bar being open.

We all worry if school opening is safe. We’re caught in a tough place. Did you know 7 out of 10 parents didn’t think school should reopen in the fall? No one asked for this upheaval in life. The thing we have to remember is that this isn’t worse than not having a future at all. We’re sacrificing so we can have a future for these children and for our entire family. If the federal government were smarter, they would open their eyes and give more help to the world with these worries on their shoulders.

Trump’s team is arguing that when children return to the classroom, parents can get back to work in their office. This will stimulate the economy. One other thing in their court is that Trump can campaign for in-person schooling which supposedly makes the female and suburban voters happy. I don’t know where they’re getting this information, but females and suburban voters are just as worried about school as the next guy.

The National PTA President, Leslie Boggs, stepped up to the plate and said to stop making public education a political issue. The safety of our teachers and students shouldn’t be about someone being elected to an office. By sacrificing children, teachers and families, Trump gets to say his economy got stronger. This isn’t a game. School opening should happen when we aren’t scared to death to let loved ones walk through those doors. It shouldn’t hinge on political numbers. If he wants those political numbers, he better start providing hundreds of thousands more dollars in federal funding. Even then, he can’t promise us that we won’t get sick. An election isn’t worth the health of the world. This is pure selfish thinking on the part of a politician.

The joke might be on Trump. Most of America’s largest school systems are opting for virtual education or pushing back their start date. The President can’t do anything about it. He can try to just blame those Democrats. It’s all their fault that schools and political leaders are trying to safely reopen. He’s mad saying the rules are too strict and it’s going to be too expensive. If he wants schools to open the doors, he better be ready for the strict measures needed to ensure people are safe.

At the end of the day, Trump and DeVos can push all they want to open their schools. Most education spending is done by the state and districts. They can try to withhold their funding, but this won’t look good on them. Parents don’t like to be threatened with the health and well-being of their kids. Don’t anger a Mama Bear by taking away the funding for her kid’s schooling because she is protecting them. We will have to see what happens as the months go by. No one is winning here. We’re scared and trying to figure it out. As long as we walk together, we’ll get through this.

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