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New George Floyd Body Cam Footage Further Sinks Officers

On the evening of May 25, 2020, George Floyd purchased a pack of cigarettes at the Cup Market in Minneapolis. A short time later, police responded to the store after reports of a man passing a fake $20 bill. The store owner called the police to report the incident after he says Floyd refused to give back the cigarettes.

Floyd was a regular at the convienece mart. He worked as a bouncer in Minneapolis until the COVID pandemic. Like millions of other Americans, Floyd was out of work and financially struggling. His family says that he’d been dealing with serious mental health issues since his mother passed away in 2018. On this night, the regular store employee, who knew George well, was off work. The new store employee followed protocol from the manager concerning counterfit money when he called the police.

Respond to Reports of a Fake $20 Bill

Minneapolis Police Department officers J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane responded to the call at 20:08. Floyd was sitting in a car with two people around the corner of the store when the officers arrived. Thomas Lane approached the vehicle with his gun drawn. He asked Mr. Floyd to show his hands. It is unapparent why Officer Lane approached the car with his gun drawn. Floyd complied with the officer’s requests at this time.

Lane then pulled Floyd out of the car with physical force. Floyd resisted being handcuffed but was compliant with officers’ demands once they placed the cuffs on him. He continued to ask the officer why he was being arrested. Officer Lane explained to George that he was being detained for passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

When officers tried to put Floyd in the back of the squad car, a struggle began. George can be seen struggling with officers but eventually became compliant. At 20:14, Floyd stiffened his body and fell to the ground. He told officers that he was claustrophobic.

Bystanders gathered and began recording the incident. They described Mr. Floyd as being ‘in distress.’ Officer Derek Chauvin then arrived on the scene. He threw Floyd to the ground where he laid without further incident. The officer then knelt on Floyd’s neck with his knee for seven minutes, 47-seconds. During this time, Floyd pleaded with officers, telling them that he could not breathe more than 20 times. Floyd cried for his mother and told the officer at one point “You’re going to kill me, man.” Officer Chauvin replied “Then stop talking, stop yelling. It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk.”
Mr. Floyd says: “Can’t believe this, man. Mom, love you. Love you. Tell my kids I love them. I’m dead.”

Floyd continued pleading for his life until he passed away at 20:27. An officer checked for a pulse as Floyd lie motionless. There was no pulse. Chauvin then removed his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck. An ambulance arrived and transpired Mr. Floyd to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead one hour later.

The death of George Floyd sparked national outrage and protests across the world from #BlackLivesMatters supporters outraged at the violence from police officers against African Americans. The protests also sparked outrage at the overall racism directed toward African Americans. The footage captured by the bystanders who witnessed the incident was immediately made available. Millions of people across the world watched as a man begged for his left but eventually lost the struggle. George’s cries for help are heartbreaking.

Daily Mail Leaks Bodycam Footage

On August 3, Daily Mail leaked bodycam footage of the incident worn by two of the now-former Minneapolis police officers. The London-based tabloid news outlet did not explain how they obtained the footage. Prosecutors for the case deny leaking the footage to the media outlet.

The New George Floyd Body Cam footage further proves Floyd was not a threat to the officers at the time of his death. Per police regulations, force should not be used during an arrest unless a suspect causes immediate danger to the lives of an officer or to that of another person.

In the video footage, Floyd is seen struggling with the officers in the back of a squad car. He appears panicked and can be heard saying “I can’t breathe.” “Officer, please. I can’t breathe.” Officer Thomas Lane then asks Officer Derek Chauvin if they should roll Floyd onto his side. Chauvin declined this request.

Bodycam Footage Filed With Court in July

Attorney’s for the two other officers charged in Floyd’s death, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, filed body-cam footage as evidence with the court on July 7. The attorney asked for charges against the former officers to be dismissed. The public transcripts were made available at this time, but no video footage.

Judge Peter Cahill is presiding over the cases against the officers. He allowed limited in-person viewing of the footage at the courthouse on July 15. He declined a request to allow news organizations to publish the body-cam footage. In late July, CNN and other media companies filed a motion for the immediate release of the body-cam footage.

Attorney Says Footage Proves Floyd Was Not a Threat to Officers

Ben Crump, attorney for the Floyd family, says this newly released footage further supports the fact that George did not pose a threat to the officers. Crump further went on to state that Floyd was approached by the officers with their guns drawn simply because he is African American. He stated he is happy the video is released so the public knows the truth about Mr. Floyd. On August 7, Judge Cahill ruled the public can view the officer’s bodycam footage.

None of the officers have entered pleas in the cases so far. The Kueng family says that he intends to plead not guilty to the charges. Three of the four officers have posted bond and await their court dates. Chauvin remains behind bars. Will the officers be convicted?

No Justice. No Peace.

Here’s the Tim Black update on the New George Floyd Body Cam Footage

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America is waiting with bated breath for Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate pick. Biden, slated to declare a running mate by the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, has all interested parties on pins and needles. The former Vice-President has made clear on more than several occasions a Biden VP pick needs to be “simpatico” with his policies and priorities for this country. This is all big news because I don’t know if you recall or not, but Biden hinted he’d only serve one term. That’s kind of a big deal, Johnson.

Joe’s Veepstakes Contestants

The roster of VP contenders boasts of such political heavyweights as Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, and Kamela Harris, but one name on the short-list that’s drawn sharp criticism lately is Val Demmings despite having numerous monumental moments in her law-enforcement and political career. The Harley riding, God-fearing U.S. Representative from Florida is currently in the media limelight for her perceived fumblings while serving on the Orlando Police Department. The missteps that are now placing her under a magnifying glass as a VP contender and, if chosen as a Joe Biden running mate pick, could potentially put him at a disadvantage with a large group of American voters.

Who Is Val Demings?

The House Representative owns a residence in the swing state of Florida with her three children and husband Orange County Mayor, Jerry Demings. The native-born Floridian made history as the first black female Chief of Police to the Orlando Police Department. Altogether from 1983, she served for over two decades, steadily climbing up through the ranks from rookie cop to becoming police chief. Demings, a staunch Democrat, is currently serving her second term in the House of Representatives going to bat for her constituents of the 10th Congressional District.

Val Demings: The Early Years

Representative Demings was born Valdez Venita Butler on March 12, 1957. One of seven siblings, daughter to Eloise, a maid, and James, a janitor, Demings grew up below the poverty level in Jacksonville, Florida. Demings called a small section of Jacksonville, known as Mandarin, her home. Attending heavily segregated schools throughout her early childhood, then finally graduating from Wolfson High School. Directly following high school, she attended Florida State University, earning a degree in criminology.

Law Enforcement Wasn’t Deming’s First Career

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology in 1979, she went on to an 18-month position as a social worker in Jacksonville, Florida. Her work was rewarding in the way that she protected the safety of foster children. Deming’s interest in law enforcement didn’t start with her criminology studies at Florida State. The current House member got her first taste of law enforcement when she served school patrol while attending Dupont Junior High.

The Crux Of Deming’s Law Enforcement Stint

Although not in the national spotlight at the time, according to Politico, 84-year-old veteran Daniel Daly, received a hip check from a young Orlando Department police officer, 26-year-old Travis Lamont, resulting in a broken neck. Supposedly, an argument ensued stemming from Daly’s inquiry regarding the towing of his vehicle. During the loud discussion, Daly says he tapped the officer resulting in being slammed to the ground. Even though a jury awarded the veteran a recorded 880,000 dollar settlement, Demings, then a fourth-year police chief, stood with the maneuver of force Officer Lamont decided to use.

The instance should’ve at least led Demings to conduct a widespread department scolding on use-of-force. That didn’t happen, and in fact, another occasion now front and center in the public eye occurred with a young Orlando woman, Jessica Asperilla. Ms. Asperilla got pushed down a flight of stairs after allegedly spitting on the officer. Officer Fernando Trinidad, during an early morning call to a nightclub insisted she tripped, causing her to fall, and Demings stood by him. Later, during a hearing, security cameras would confirm Ms. Aspirilla’s account of the instance. Orlando police gave Trinidad an order to pay Asperill’s medical bills, a 16-hour suspension and loss of two vacation days for his false report of the incident. That’s it.

Again, this wasn’t a learning incident followed by required use-of-force re-instruction for the department by Demings. According to documents secured by Politico for the article, there was contention among the ranks for Demings’ handling of over a thousand uses of force issues during her 2007-2011 tenure as police chief.

Why Representative Demings Is The Wrong Choice

It’s fair to say, if you’re a more milquetoast Democrat or been living under a rock for the last few months you might think having an ex-Police Chief as a Joe Biden VP Pick is a good thing. It’s not. Someone needs to explain to me why three of the possible Joe Biden Running mate must be tied to the criminal justice system. When I say tied to the system I mean in the business of filling prisons? I’m talking about Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and now Val Demings. It’s insanity to me.

Demings, a favorite of Pelosi’s which automatically makes Demings a non-favorite to the progressive voters. Pelosi may enjoy calling herself a Progressive, but Pelosi is not a friend to progressive policies such as “Green New Deal, Legalizing Cannabis, Medicare For All or Defunding the Police. How can Biden win without enthusiastic voters from the true left? The only chance is a push from the never-Trumper movement. Demings may be acceptable to that crop of conservative voters who dislike Trump. Some of those Conservative voters may also prefer Rep. Demings because she sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, House Judiciary Committee, and the House Committee on Homeland Security. Hey, I never said Rep. Demings wasn’t accomplished. I’m saying, Demings like Harris, like Klobuchar, are not acceptable Joe Biden VP Picks for a time of passionate peaceful protests crying out to Defund The Police. Will the Democratic Party finally be a party of police reform or will they continue to send mix-signals, forfeiting the true left to siphon away Republican Lite voters? If Joe Biden selects Harris, Klobuchar, or Demings you’ll know the answer to that question and you won’t need a teleprompter, Johnson.

Here’s my video on Val Demings. Please share it with a few hundred of your closes friends.

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by Tim Black

Disturbing Body Cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest and murder by officer Derek Chauvin has leaked. obtained video from the bodycams of officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, who were part of George Floyd’s fatal arrest on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.

The new bodycam footage does not exonerate Officer Derek Chauvin. The newly obtained George Floyd footage shows an even a more disoriented, non-threatening George Floyd. Floyd appears in an obviously distressed state as he makes repeated pleas for help all of which were ignored by Minneapolis Officers.

Let’s hope Derek Chauvin and the other officers are convicted.

Here’s the extended footage:

The protests ignited by the murder of George Floyd continue. No Justice. No Peace.


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