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Trump Wants Schools To Re-Open To Help Trump Not Us

Donald Trump says that parents can’t wait to send their kids back to school. He’s wrong. Schools Fall opening is pushed back or virtual in many places. Trump wants schools to re-open for him. He’s trying to say it’s for us, but it’s all for him.

In reality, parents dread this decision. They have to sit their kids in front of a computer for hours trying to learn while many of them work. The other side of the coin is they send their kids to school in fear wondering if the virus is coming home that day. Basically parents actually think their kids are playing Russian Roulette at school.

Oh, I’ve heard liberal elites just want to hurt Trum. They just don’t want Trump schools opening. That’s what people say. This doesn’t have to be political. Parents on both sides are fearful. Teachers are scared to walk back into their classroom. Think about those with compromised immune systems. There’s those that will come into the classroom without realizing they even have the Coronavirus. These kids aren’t going to sit still. You can’t tell a little kid they can’t touch their friend. This is why people are scared. People don’t just have it out for Trump schools. This isn’t about attacking him. This is about the health of each family.

I touched on a poll in my recent show. It was an Axios-Ipsos poll about US parents sending their kids back to school. 82% of Democrats were fearful about sending their kids back to school. Most parents overall thought it was a risky decision. A staggering statitistic of nine in 10 Black Americans were fearful. So, why does this matter? It matters because President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos don’t seem to be on board with this decision for our good. They’ve threatened to withhold federal funding from schools if they don’t open those doors. This pressure campaign should and could backfire with Trump’s followers.

Only one in three Americans actually trusts the government to care about their interests. People aren’t as confident in the federal government. They trust their local and state government more. As long as Trump is leading in the polls, he doesn’t need to have a care about my family getting this virus. He wants to show the economy is on track. He wants to show he’s in control of the world. The world wants to know they’re going to be okay. These interests just don’t come together.

Schools Fall opening is all political if you listen to Fox News. Trump is painted as this poor political animal. He’s the guy that just stumbled into Presidency. This isn’t right. The man is campaigning every minute of his time in office. By threatening to take away funding of schools, he’s basically saying the economy will stay running even if everyone is sick. People will die, but his numbers will show that he got that economy on track. The people I know care more about their family’s health than his numbers. They care more about health than the local bar being open.

We all worry if school opening is safe. We’re caught in a tough place. Did you know 7 out of 10 parents didn’t think school should reopen in the fall? No one asked for this upheaval in life. The thing we have to remember is that this isn’t worse than not having a future at all. We’re sacrificing so we can have a future for these children and for our entire family. If the federal government were smarter, they would open their eyes and give more help to the world with these worries on their shoulders.

Trump’s team is arguing that when children return to the classroom, parents can get back to work in their office. This will stimulate the economy. One other thing in their court is that Trump can campaign for in-person schooling which supposedly makes the female and suburban voters happy. I don’t know where they’re getting this information, but females and suburban voters are just as worried about school as the next guy.

The National PTA President, Leslie Boggs, stepped up to the plate and said to stop making public education a political issue. The safety of our teachers and students shouldn’t be about someone being elected to an office. By sacrificing children, teachers and families, Trump gets to say his economy got stronger. This isn’t a game. School opening should happen when we aren’t scared to death to let loved ones walk through those doors. It shouldn’t hinge on political numbers. If he wants those political numbers, he better start providing hundreds of thousands more dollars in federal funding. Even then, he can’t promise us that we won’t get sick. An election isn’t worth the health of the world. This is pure selfish thinking on the part of a politician.

The joke might be on Trump. Most of America’s largest school systems are opting for virtual education or pushing back their start date. The President can’t do anything about it. He can try to just blame those Democrats. It’s all their fault that schools and political leaders are trying to safely reopen. He’s mad saying the rules are too strict and it’s going to be too expensive. If he wants schools to open the doors, he better be ready for the strict measures needed to ensure people are safe.

At the end of the day, Trump and DeVos can push all they want to open their schools. Most education spending is done by the state and districts. They can try to withhold their funding, but this won’t look good on them. Parents don’t like to be threatened with the health and well-being of their kids. Don’t anger a Mama Bear by taking away the funding for her kid’s schooling because she is protecting them. We will have to see what happens as the months go by. No one is winning here. We’re scared and trying to figure it out. As long as we walk together, we’ll get through this.

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