Former Bernie Staffer Positive About #DraftBernie Movement | Nick Brana on #TBANSNick Brana thinks there's a shot Bernie Sanders will head up a "Peoples Party: "Right now I am working to bring fundamental reform to the Democratic Party, to open the door to the Democratic Party."

FRESH BREWED Guest Sam Ronan: Is There Hope For The Democrats And The DNC? Samuel Ronan has shook up the race for the DNC Chair. During a DNC chair debate, Ronan stated the Democratic Party Must Admit to Mistakes to Move Forward.

President Donald Trump: Will It Ever Sink In? Special Guest An0maly!Donald Trump is the most hated politician in American History or at least it seems that way. Tim Black chops it up with hip hop artist, political analyst and social media weaponry critic: An0maly. Tim Black and An0maly discuss The Dakota Access Pipeline, Hillary Losing, The Democratic Party, Trump blocking the TPP and much more.

Black Guns Matter: Can Gun Training Curb Gun Violence? Guest: Maj Toure | #TBANSGun Violence is a hot button issue. We are inundated with crime statistics from cities like Chicago and Detroit. Is it an accident that cities with the strictest gun laws have the most gun deaths and gun violence? Maj Toure thinks this is no accident. Maj Toure has a solution: Gun Education. Gun Training. Gun Responsibility. Conflict Resolution.

What Happened To The Democratic Party? With Thomas FrankThe Democratic Party ain't what she used to be. Author Thomas Frank's latest book "Listen, Liberal or Whatever Happened to the Party of the People". He breaks down the Clinton legacy and Democratic Party history, including this year's primaries.

Ajamu Baraka Talks Obama, Bernie Sanders and Why You Should Go Green Party | #TBANSHuman Rights Activist and Green Party VP candidate Ajamu Baraka gets real in a nearly hour-long conversation. Tough questions and answers including what it means to be "radical" and harsh criticism of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.

Former Baltimore Police Officer Michael A. WoodMichael A. Wood talks with Tim and callers about the systemic problem in law enforcement and what needs to be done to fix it.

Chase Iron Eyes Talks #NoDAPL And His Historic Congressional Run.140+ Native American tribes have gathered in peaceful protest to fight a $3.8 billion pipeline which endangers their livelihood, sacred lands and their water. Chase Iron Eyes joins me to discuss the struggle at Standing Rock. Stand with us!

The Democratic Corruption Is Worse Than We Thought - Dan Rolle Joins Tim Black At NightFrom gaslighting, to the corrupt NGP VAN system, to his first hand experience with the Democratic Machine in NV, Dan Rolle sheds light on the corruption in our election system.

Preston Picut Challenges Nancy Pelosi's Seat in CaliforniaNancy Pelosi DNC hit woman is being challenged for her Congressional Seat not by a Republican, but by an Independent named Preston Picus, a school teacher, businessman and a visionary who believes cronyism must end, so should the thoughts of enacting the TPP. After 28 years of Nancy Peloisi it's time to change it up California!.

Battling The Machine To Win Our Democracy with Arn MenconiTim talks with U.S. House Candidate Arn Menconi about the political path, those who've lost their way, and snowboarding, and then opens up the phone lines discusses a troubling correlation in the Darren Seals murder that the media isn't covering.

Educator Jane Elliott Discusses Race, Politics, And Trump v. ClintonAuthor/Creator of The Blue Eye, Brown Eye Exercise, a renown study in stereotyping and racial prejudice joins Tim to discuss her recent findings.

One day you're at home checking out your family on The next day you find out your heir to the throne. The next day your shooting a Reality TV Show called "Suddenly Royal". It happened to Drew Howe. Check out this entertaining show with Drew Howe the main character of the TLC show "Suddenly Royal". It was a great show. Take a load off! You need it!

Cannabis and Politics (Musician/Activist) MADGESDIQ | #TBANSOregon was the second state to legalize marijuana. Weed and Politics! Guest (Musician/Activist) MADGESDIQ talks about music, cannabis, and reminds us it's important to take a break from politics once in awhile.

A Good Laugh Can Save Your Life: Comedian Spunky Robinson!Comedian Spunky Robinson jokes about divorce, politics and his transgender cousin making him open doors for her at the club.

Relationships, Raising Children In This Crazy World! Guest Latrese Allen | #TBANSComedienne Latrese Allen joins me to talk being a strict single mom, relationships, finding a good man, making money, helping others, being a black woman comedian, dealing with fake promoters and haters who call CPS for no good reason. Latrese also gives her two cents about Bernie, Trump and Hillary. Share this video with a friend!