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You Won't Believe What Donna Brazile Just Said About Cheating For Hillary Clinton | #CWTB

Donna Brazile is a piece of work. Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, who was fired from CNN for passing debate questions to Hillary Clinton's Campaign during the Bernie Sanders Primary season appeared on the Joe Madison Show. Listen to Donna Brazile's side of the story and tell me why I should have voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

The Numbers Behind Hillary Clinton Losing The Election | #TBANS

Hillary Clinton lost the Election. Donald Trump has become President. The people rejected Hillary Clinton for the second time in ten years. Mainstream Media blames Third Party voters for Hillary's horrible campaign. It's more the same mainstream media manipulation. Tim Black puts it down on the data that truly explains Hillary's losing campaign. Can you pick up with Tim's putting

Bernie Sanders Would've Won, You Fools | #CWTB

Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Samantha Bee all have something in common: Dumping Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton. Now, these news "comedians" cry to us about Donald Trump? Now is not the time for you to help. We needed your help back during the Democratic Primaries, but were too busy supporting Hillary to see what many Americans thought about the Democratic candidate. The polls showed the truth. Bernie Sanders was a much better candidate versus Donald Trump. Thanks a lot Hillary Shills!

Is The Progressive Revolution Killing Itself? | #CWTB

People like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard have brought the Progressive Revolution to the forefront. Progressive politics has been splintering due to DNC Wikileaks revelations, Presidential Primary hostilities and finally the 2016 Presidential Election of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Tim Black breaks down his concerns going forward for Progressives and what he believes is the biggest threat to the Progressive Revolution if it is to continue.

Obama Lied To Us About Hillary's Emails and More | #CWTB

Say it ain't so, Barry.  Looks like President Obama hasn't been keeping it 100 in the truth department.

Hillary Loses The Left! | 10/21/2016! | #CWTB

DNC Lawyers Admit The Fix Was In Against Bernie Sanders | #CWTB

DNC defense team in the class action lawsuit claiming bias in Democratic primaries take the bold legal move of claiming Sanders supporters should have known it was biased all along, thereby admitting the fix was in from the start.

Hillary Clinton Silencing Julian Assange, Wikileaks, FBI Email Probe | #CWTB

Over the weekend Julian Assanges Internet was severed. Hillary Clinton's long arm of power is apparently attempting to silence Julian Assange from releasing more Wikileaks documents. FBI Email Probe documents were released 10/17. 100 page document released by the FBI include claims Hillary Clinton blatantly disregarded protocols and Under Secretary of the State Patrick Kennedy pressured the FBI to declassify email from Hillary Clinton's private server that were previously labeled classified.

Boko Haram Girls Released, Boston Police Officers Shot By Suspect Kirk Figueroa | #CWTB

Boko Haram militants handed over 21 Chibok schoolgirls to Nigeria's government. Kirk Figueroa, 33, of East Boston, fired at Officer Richard Cintolo, a 27-year veteran of the department, and Officer Matt Morris, a 12-year veteran, late Wednesday night shortly after they arrived at a home on Gladstone Street in the city's East Boston neighborhood.

Clinton Campaign's Great Big Fat Mainstream Media Wedding |#CWTB

Wikileaks documents show undeniable evidence of Clinton Campaign and Mainstream Media entities working together. The Hillary Camp was not only in bed with Mainstream Media they were married, had two kids, a dog, a minivan and matching mountain bikes to ride through the piles of crap they were shoveling to Democratic Voters and Progressives..

Shailiene Woodley Arrested at #NoDAPL Protests, on Indigenous Peoples Day - #CWTB

On Indigenous People Day the Dakota Access pipeline in southern North Dakota continued it's construction. Water Protectors including Shailene Woodley were arrested during a visible peaceful protest. Morton County Sheriff's Department spokesman Rob Keller says the "Divergent" star was arrested Monday for criminal trespass and engaging in a riot during a protest at a construction site that involved about 300 people.

Wikileaks Second Round Show Bill Clinton As Big Target | #CWTB

The latest batch of Wikileaks documents released show the Clinton Campaign were bracing themselves for Bill Clinton's affairs to become an issue. No one was blind-sided by Trump bringing up Bill Clinton's interactions with women in fact the Clinton Campaign prepared for it IN ADVANCE!

Donald Trump Women. Trump Has The Worst Day Ever | #CWTB

Donald Trump really, really loves women. The latest Donald Trump news of degrading women is so bad no one can ignore it! Face it Trump is toast. There's no coming back for "The Donald". Tim Black eviscerates Trump and proves he is neither a Trump Supporter or a Hillary Supporter. Equal Opportunity basher in the house folks.

Obama Blames Progressives for Hillary's Failures - Coffee With Tim Black 

President Obama's Town Hall was full of demands and crazy math.  Obama is carrying an awful lot of Hillary Clinton water and shaming Progressives if they don't fall in line and save The Democratic Party. Throwing Progressives under the bus is insulting and sleazy. This is a Democracy right?

Secret Agenda: Comedians Shill Propaganda for Hillary | #CWTB

I love comedians. Too many comedians are selling out and serving up propaganda disguised as jokes. Most comedians shill for Clinton. It's propaganda to confuse the masses. They support the system and might as well work for The State. In this election if you can't find a way to go after both sides that's intentional not by accident. Don't lie to us anymore fake comedian.

Wikileaks Shows Hillary Campaign Elevated Trump To Win

The latest Wikileak release show evidence the Clinton Campaign strategy to help Trump win the nomination. Trump was aided by Clinton Campaign and Mainstream Media propaganda tools to elevate Trump above other Republicans vying for the nomination.