We Were Attacked By The Establishment | TBANS Call-In ShowBernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporters endured some of the most sustained attacks ever seen in the political arena. Not only contained in the campaign season, attacks and shadings are still occurring on social media and corporate media to this day as Establishment Democrats continue to place the blame for losing the election on the progressive wing of the party, and on those who have "demexited" after seeing what the Party was capable of during the Democratic primary election.


WIKILEAKS #VAULT7 CIA's "Weeping Angel" Is Some Scary StuffWikiLeaks published thousands of pages of leaked internal CIA documents. WikiLeaks calls these documents "Vault 7". Vault 7 is claimed to be "the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency." The most interesting of the documents I've digested so far is "Weeping Angel". A CIA program/malware that can control your television remotely even while you believe it's "off".


AG Jeff Sessions: Russian Ties, Asked To Recuse HimselfThe Red Scare Continues! Calls for Jeff Session to recuse himself from any investigations regarding Trump and Putin flow amid accusations Jeff Sessions lied under oath about his communication with Russia. Senator Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi lead the charge. Some Democrats demand Sessions resign and face perjury charges. Tim Black gives you the run down.

John McCain And Lindsey Graham Want War With RussiaHere come the war hawks! John McCain and Lindsey Graham appeared in a CNN Town Hall to discuss the best way to launch wars around the globe, but especially in RUSSIA! Bring back the cold war so our Defense Contractor friends can buy big yachts! Republican defense-focused conservatives who often disagree with President Donald Trump on anything Putin joined forces.

"Critically Missing" D.C. Teens Gain National Attention Thanks To Social MediaLast week, the Metropolitan Police Department sent out a series of tweets publicizing the disappearance of 10 D.C. teenagers who were considered “critically missing.” The tweets themselves didn’t garner much attention, but the photos and information of some of the teens tweeted by influential Twitter user @BlackGirlMarvel went viral within hours.

Trump Address Announces Immigrant Crime Agency VOICE.Donald Trump has announced he will form a new agency to deal with immigrant crime and pledged to publish a regular list of all crimes committed by non-US citizens. During a landmark speech to Congress markedly softer in tone than his inauguration address, in which he dialled back his trademark brash rhetoric, he revealed that he would set up a special taskforce for "immigrant crime."

Hey, Are You Woke, Or Are You Still Sleeping? | I Was Thinking #12.Democrats and former Democrats have a Democrat Hangover. Trump signs an Executive Order for HBCU's, Bernie Sanders Pharma Bill gains Cory Booker support and how Black voters can change the country. I Was Thinking - Are You Woke Or Are You Still Sleeping?

George W. Bush Takes A Swipe At Trump, Defends Fake News MediaFormer President George W. Bush insisted Monday that “we all need answers” about possible connections between Russian officials and President Trump's associates.

#NoDAPL Protesters Ordered To Leave Standing RockLast week, Burgum signed the emergency evacuation order of the property to allow private contractors to remove waste from the Oceti Sakowin camp area.

Comedian Judah Freedlander Talks Trump And Dem Party Troubles over Coffee With Tim BlackComedian Judah Friedlander join CWTB to discuss Trump policy, Democratic Values, The end of America and why racism endures!


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