5 Reasons Donald Trump Became President

By Tim Black

(Also appears in The Huffington Post)


Trump has become President of the United States of America.  Wow! Let that sink in.  Does that seem real to you yet?  Not to me either.  I hate to be a jerk and say I told you so, but yeah I told you so.  See…


After such a stunning lost I’m sure many Democrats are wondering how this could’ve happened. Here are my two cents. Make that five cents as in five reasons it’s “Welcome to Trump Nation”.


Reason #1: Bad Message


Hillary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” was a loser.  I’m With Her was limp, divisive, sexist and worst of all “arrogant”. Who came up with that slogan, a 4th Grader? No offense to 4th graders as I’m sure they could do much better than that stinker. Trump had a better message. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” was inspirational. People aspire to greatness. No one aspires to be with Hillary at least not most people evidenced by Hillary’s second failed Presidential bid in 10 years.


Reason #2: No Grand Vision


Hillary had no vision. No big idea.  Telling people to slow down, take incremental steps and be realistic is not exactly the message of champions in any election let alone an election in the modern era.


Reason Number 3. Black Voters Not Impressed


The hot sauce wasn’t hot enough.  You remember that tasteless pandering move Hillary pulled while on the Breakfast Club?  Charlamagne told Secretary Clinton black people would say she was pandering, to which Hillary replied: “Is it working?”

Apparently not.  According to CNN the exit polls show many black folks were unimpressed with Hillary Clinton. Hint: Democrats need black support if they are to win the White House.


Reason Number 4: Wikileaks


Up until this year many people didn’t know what Wikileaks was though it’s been in existence for over 10 years. The DNC emails distributed by Wikileaks revealed an underbelly of corrupt politics that many American’s could not stomach. My partner in Truth, HA Goodman covered each Wikileaks in great detail.  Here’s HA’s latest video covering Wikileaks #35. Highly Recommended!

Though I’m sure many die-hard Hillary supporters were unmoved by the Wikileaks damning emails exposing both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaigns corruption and dirty dealings it seems reluctant Democratic Voters were turned off. USA Today reports The 2016 Election had a high turnout, unfortunately for Democrats even more Republicans did just that.

Reason Number 5: Cheating Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders was robbed.  As proven in the Wikileaks documents. The Democratic National Committee colluded with the Hillary Campaign and the media to knee cap Bernie Sanders.  Contrary to The Establishments calculations, Bernie Sanders supporters did not lick their wounds and faithfully return to ”Vote Blue Any Who”. Not even with the fear of a media driven Trump-Ageddon many progressives did not forget the misdeeds of Democratic Operatives such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile. Hillary’s chickens came home to roost.

For a video summary of why I believe Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election please check my video below.  Warning: This may hurt a little, but with pain there’s growth. I hope.




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1 Comment on “5 Reasons Donald Trump Became President

  1. I watched in amazement as the corporate press clearly replaced Sanders with Trump as the anti-establishment candidate. It was clear to me that something illegal was going on between the two parties that would pit Trump against Hillary – for a status quo insider win. Trump was the hedge bet. I fear insiders more than puppets because they will do what they will not trust a puppet to do.
    There was no surprise to me when the press waited until Trump’s nomination to turn on him with facts and hot mic evidence they had all along. Then there was that steady drumbeat of propaganda from msnbc promoting Clinton – out of fea of Trump. I didn’t vote for Trump even though I believed a sociopath idiot was better than a psychopath grandmother. The dots clearly connect from Reagan’s puppet presidency, the beginning of the neocon coup and collusion with the .01% psychopath elite MIC and what would have been Clinton 2, another insider willing to preform a false flag operation, like Cheney/Bush. I can see now that Gore never had a chance…. but think of what a different world it would be if we had a democracy without all the redundancies in place to retain the status quo? We could have been beloved world leaders, retained peace, and been leading in the fight against climate change. A younger Sanders taking the place of the token black, but neocon, Obama.
    I had been posting this to no avail during the primary and was happy to see confirmation, to a point, of what I had been claiming for nearly a year.
    I am sure the Trump win was a surprise for the establishment – but not something they did not think they could work with.
    We have seen, since Trump has been elected that the puppet strings are being attached.
    The best hope is that Trump will get entangled in these strings and his arrogance might see what his intellect cannot – that he is being played. He is in control of the status quo but they will allow his racist rhetoric against Muslims, so the war can continue. They will likely let him take the remainder of our rights, in a different way than Hillary would – with likely a major false flag event and possibly an ultimate war against Russia.
    We are in deep shit no matter what. Our only hope is that Trump goes rouge in a rouge state and this brings light on the psychopaths who rule our world.

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